Top TikTok Stars Name India 2020

TikTok Stars Name India. Nowadays Tiktok is growing famous in all over the world. Everyone is addicted to the craze of TikTok from youngsters to the old age peoples.

Earlier days TikTok was known as musically. In November 2017 a Chinese company ByteDance acquired TikTok for 1 Billion Dollars.

With this app, Everyone can create a video and share it around the globe. Due to the huge amount of users people can show their talent to the world. You can make all kind of videos on TikTok and gain Popularity.

There are a huge amount of Indian users on TikTok. Some of them become famous Indian TikTok Stars. With this application, they got fame and making a large amount of money from it too.

In this article, We are going to see List Of Top TikTok Stars Name India.

List Of Top TikTok Stars Name in India

1] Riyaz Aly – 29.5 Million Followers

Riyaz Aly is an actor, TikTok star, Instagram influencer. He got famous for making his lip-sync videos on the app TikTok. he was Born on 14 September 2003. 

2] Mr Faisu – 23.7 Million Followers

Mr Faisu is a famous TikTok star and Instagram influencer. he got famous by making a video on popular TikTok App. Mr faisu is 25 years old. He was born in Mumbai.

3] Jannat Zubair – 24 Million Followers

Jannat Zubair is an Indian Actress, Famous TikTok star, Singer and Instagram influencer. She has performed in multiple popular TV programs including Phulwa. She is one of the Famous Tiktok stars in India.

4] Arishfa Khan – 21 Million Followers

Arishfa khan is a well-famed Television Actress, Social Media Megastar, Dancer, version, TikTok Celebrity, YouTuber, vlogger, Instagram star and Social Media Influencer.

5] Nisha Guragain – 22 Million follower

Nisha Guragain is a growing TikTok Star, Social Media Star, Instagram star and Social Media Influencer. Nisha Guragain was born in Mumbai, India On 2 October 1997. She had over 22 Millions of fans on TikTok. She is improving very fast because of her fabulous lipsync videos.

6] Awez Darbar – 21.5 Million Followers

Awez Darbar is a celebrity dancer, Famous TikTok star, Choreographer, Instagram Influencer, Comedian and YouTuber. He was born in Mumbai. he is founder and director of Ace Production company.

7] Avneet Kaur – 18.5 Million Followers

Avneet Kaur (born October 13, 2001) is an Indian TV Actress, YouTuber, TikTok star and Dancer. she was born in Jalandhar, Punjab. She was born on October 13, 2001. She did many serials and Advertisements.

8] Garima Chaurasia – 18 Million Followers

Garima chaurasia also was known for Gima Ashi. She is famous TikTok Star and Instagram Influencer. She was born in Delhi. Gima Ashi got fame after her viral video on ‘Bhot Hard’ song from Gully Boy Film.

9] Lucky Dancer – 15 Million Followers

Lucky Dancer is an Indian dancer, famous TikTok star, model, social media influencer. He was born on 4 September 2002. He got fame because of making dance videos on TikTok. he is from Mumbai, Maharashtra. He has 15 Million followers on his TikTok account.

10] Manjul Khattar — 12.0 Million Followers

Manjul Khattar is the very popular Indian Tik Tok Star, actor, Dancer, Youtuber, Instagram Influencer. He was born on 20 July 1998 in Gurgram, Haryana, India. He is also a Youtuber. He has millions of fans on Instagram and TikTok.


Name of TikTok UsersNo. of Followers
Riyaz Aly29.5 Million
Mr Faisu23.7 Million
Jannat Zubair24 Million
Arishfa Khan21 Million
Nisha Guragain22 Million
Awez Darbar21.5 Million
Avneet Kaur18.5 Million
Garima Chaurasia 18 Million
Lucky Dancer 15 Million
Manjul Khattar12 Million

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