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Cancer zodiac sign pictureZodiac - Cancer Sign is symbolized with the "Crab" and is the fourth sign of the Zodiac.

Cancerians are born between June 21 and July 22.

Characteristics of those born under Cancer include; sympathetic, kindness, caring, intuitiveness, imaginative, emotional, and nurturing.

Cancerians are also known to have less flattering characteristics like being depressed, moody, quick to change, attachment issues, and being very sensitive.

Famous people born under the zodiac sign of Cancer include Cyndi Lauper born June 22, Kris Kristofferson born June 22, Meryl Streep born June 22, George Michael born June 25, Chris Isaak born June 26, Tobey Maguire born June 27, John Cusack born June 28, Ross Perot born June 28, Dan Aykroyd born July 1, Liv Tyler born July 1, Pamela Anderson born Lee July 1, Princess Diana born July 1, Jerry Hall born July 2, Tom Cruise born July 3, Huey Lewis born July 5, Dalai Lama born July 6, George W. Bush born July 6, Sylvester Stallone born July 6, Ringo Starr born July 7, Anjelica Huston born July 8, Kevin Bacon born July 8, Jimmy Smits born July 9, Tom Hanks born July 9, Giorgio Armani born July 11, Bill Cosby born July 12, Harrison Ford born July 13, Linda Ronstadt born July 15, David Hasselhoff born July 17, Nelson Mandela born July 18, Anthony Edwards born July 19, Carlos Santana born July 20, David Spade July 22, and the famous American comedian Robin Williams born on July 22.

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  • Lindsay Lohan - (born July 2) Movie actress and famous pop singer Lindsay Lohan.
  • 50 Cent - (born July 6) American hip hop singer Curtis Jackson or Fiddy Cent.

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